This gallery crosses through the portrait photography genre to headshot photography used by business people, musicians, actors, and social media. Whether it be a close head and shoulder shot or an environmental portrait taken in a CEO’s office the name of the game is to get ‘a likeness;’ to use a phrase of old, of the sitter.

An important thing to remember is that no matter what type portrait or headshot it is, the shoot has to be specific to the individual. As a portrait photographer, I listen to what each of my clients want, answer their questions and give suggestions, and advice if required – we talk the shoot through. What do they want to portray, and what are the photographs required for, being important factors to establish initially. At the onset I feel it’s important to establish some sort of relationship, no matter for how long this.

I have been told that I’m an honest, intuitive and revealing photographer. If you would like to view more headshot photography used for editorial purposes, please see .

Please feel free to contact me either by email or phone if you want to know more, would like a quote or to book me.