Remember: Holocaust Survivors

  • photo ©Rena Pearl, Zigi Shipper
  • KL-HS-34
  • R)-HS-4

The work shown here is from a personal on going project: Remember: Holocaust Survivors. It is a series of close up portraits of people who survived the Nazi persecution of Hitler. I have done a few other projects on Holocaust Survivors, my main reason for starting this one earlier this year, is simple – those that survived the Holocaust are getting older and fewer – those that survived and those that were killed cannot just become an historical statistic – what happened to them must be remembered as a means of education against prejudice, and intolerance, so that we all as individuals and nations can be more understanding, accepting and tolerant of each others differences; be they religious, nationality, ethnic, gender, or sexuality.

In 2015 it will be 70 years since the end of the Holocaust, which ended with the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945.

Nine images from this series formed  a poster, and was accepted as part of Art Below Diamond Jubilee celebration for display at Bond Street underground station (Jubilee line, platform 3 northbound) for two weeks, during June.

The poster was also part of a group exhibition at The Underground Gallery, Charring Cross Station, London.

Project supported by Leica Store Mayfair