Children Playing Southbank London

Solo Exhibition in the Park

Wow! It’s hard work getting ready for an exhibition – I’d forgotten just how much. But I really enjoyed printing up my work, deciding on what mount board to use, which frame and so on.

I think the companies cutting my mounts and framing my work, must have thought I was somewhat crazy. I mean how can anyone get ecstatic over mount board and window mounts. Urmmm – well I did! For me presentation plays a big part, and window mounts can make or brake an image, and that is why I like to use thick board. Most of the photographs in the exhibition have been window mounted using 2800 micron (2.8mm) conservation board, the image being hinged onto a backing board. A big thank you to Steve at Editions in Cook Street, Liverpool (just around the corner to The Cavern Club) for doing such a superb job.

I’ll be showing three new limited editions. Each being limited to six. Large black and white prints, shot on a Leica Monochrom and printed on Epson Traditional Photo Paper. And there will be open editions colour work printed on photo rag paper.

Also on show will be some archival black and white prints shot on film and printed using Kodak Ektalure paper. The images being portraits of tulips.

Please come along, I’ll be at the gallery each day, (as will Sunny, my dog) it will be really good to see and chat to you. The Readers Gallery welcomes dogs! And at the back of the gallery, the ice cream parlour sells frozen yogurt for dogs! I kid you not.

Details are:

Venue: The Readers Gallery (Coach House) Calerstones Park Liverpool
Dates: Tuesday 2nd August to Sunday 7th August 2016
Time: 10am to 4.45pm

The featured photograph is a limited edition of Children Playing – Southbank London