Two young boys out side their home in a small village in Eastern Uganda.

Leica Photographer Exposure

What a lovely surprise I received today! La Vida Leica selected me for their Exposure section on their website.

I think it is always that little bit more exciting if I am given acknowledgement from fellow peers – especially when I don’t expect it. No matter what, we humans all like praise and acknowledgement – maybe it’s the happy hormone rush.

Check my ‘Exposure’ here on La Vida Leica website. As the name suggest – the site is all and everything Leica, and Leica photographers, weather you’re a professional photographer or a keen enthusiast. As the post mentioned, La Vida Leica follow me on Twitter, as I do them. So a thank you to Twitter too.

It’s really interesting, when people buy a Leica M camera, (and maybe it is so with other Leica cameras), you also buy into a community/family of fellow photographers at all levels, from all walks of life, and interest in photography – from photojournalist, to portrait photography to events, and PR photography, the list can go on, but I doubt if there are too many sports photographers using a Leica M.

The image La Vida Leica used is from a genre of photography that I have a great passion for, and was very much involved with in earlier in my career – photojournalism. The photo was taken a few years back whilst I was in Uganda. To read more of my trip and view images, follow the link

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More soon.