Street Gangs Los Angeles

Street Gangs Los Angeles

The featured photograph was taken during my time spent with the Los Angeles Police Department, and a period when I was doing much photojournalism both in LA and the UK.  See my blog  for more information on my trip.

This image shows officers from the Rampart Police Station arresting member of a street gang.  The officers are checking for ‘trophy’ scarring and tattoos, these form part of the identification process of gang members. Rampart is one of the busiest police stations in Los Angeles and covers an area of 5.54 square miles, with a population about the size of Manhattan Island.

Often when going on patrol with the police and stoping members of street gangs, I would be asked by proud gang members to take their portrait, showing their scars from either knife or bullet wounds.

Equipment used: Nikon FM2 with a 35mm lens, Metz 45 flash, and using  Fujicrome Provia 400 film

If you would like more details or indeed would like to licence any of my images taken with the LAPD, please contact me.