Red open toe shoes in worn in winter

Red Shoes – Street Photography

The featured photo was taken at St Pancras International Station, whilst I was giving a `Street Photography Class’.  It was cold, wet and windy outside, so we decided to shelter in the station. Walking about, I came across a colourfully dressed woman on her way to Paris. Just looking at her warmed me up, and I immediately asked if I could take a photo of her red shoes. She thought I was mad and it was stranger request, laughed, shrugged her shoulders and said ” Crazy, why not!” Her joy was infectious, and after talking with her for a few moments I’d forgotten how cold I was.

Street Photography isn’t about standing behind a corner with a zoom lens to sneakily make your photograph – it’s about observation and being involved above all.

Equipment: Leica M9 with a 35mm Summicron lens, and processed in Adobe Lightroom 5