Corporate Headshot

Corporate Headshot

I was recently asked to take corporate portraits of a board of directors for their new web site. They would all be together for a meeting and I was to take the photographs during this time. The featured headshot photograph was one that I took in the small window of time that I had with each of the 7 board members.

Headshots are critical for good PR, and to get a good one it’s important to use a professional photographer (or semi pro),  someone who will know how to capture a relaxed looking person, who doesn’t look ill at ease with the camera. (That maybe for another type of shoot)

A few tips:

Focus on the eyes, after all they are the windows to the soul. They need to be sharp, and lit. They need to be alive. If I have a client whose eyes are looking ‘vacant’ or ‘gazed’ I always ask them to smile through their eyes. This, as often as not wakes them up. After all, the eyes need to connect and communicate with the viewer. I will always focus on the eyes, and as often as not let the focus fall off at the ears.

Use the correct lens. A wide angle or semi wide angle lens shot close up will distort your subject, ideally something like an 85 mm gives a good perspective for a close portrait.

Defused or bounced lighting is more flattering and will not show up blemishes and spots so much. This goes for both male and female. Remember, these are not documentary or street photographs were hard lighting can add to the narrative of the photo.

The angle and placement of your subject is important. Looking down on  a CEO will appear take their power away.

The persons expression is an important factor. This needs to match the purpose of the headshot, and it’s up to the photographer to get this out of her/his subject by talking with them.

If you would like more information, or book a professional photographer please contact me.