Candid portrait taken on Northern line tube

Candid Portrait

Here’s another candid portrait photograph taken on the Northern Line tube, which may be part of my Blurb book. I like the juxtaposition between the women, who appears reflective and maybe sad, and the workmen next to her, who are all happy and chatty. For me it sums up people on the tube, many being in their own little worlds, others chatty and joyful with friends or colleagues, and others who you wish weren’t sitting next to you, or any where near you.

The photograph was taken with an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, John S lens and Clauch 72 Monochrome film.

I was asked yesterday if as a professional photographer “seeing that I was into taking photos with an iPhone” would I use it on an assignment. As a professional portrait photographer I would not, unless of course I was specifically asked to. Strange things do happen.

And finally – watch out, you may just be ‘snapped’ whilst travelling the tubes.