Leica Monochrom created with Hipstamatic app

iPhoneography – Hipstamatic app

Last week I was up in Salford Quays and Media City doing head shots, and some stock photography. For these shoots I was using a Leica M9 and a Leica Monochrom, however I was using my iPhone camera as a sketch and note book, along with playing around with one of my favourite apps – the Hipstamatic.

I took the featured photo of my Leica Monochrom using the Hipstamatic app, whilst I was having a break, and I was taken aback at just how sharp the image was, where I had selected the focus to be and the relative shallow depth of field.The lettering around the lens can clearly be seen. And for those observant people who have may be wondering about the lens being made in Canada. A selection of Leica lenses were made under license in Canada to the same specifications as those made in Germany. The one on the camera is a Summicron 35mm lens, know as version 4, and made in 1984; 29 years old, still going strong, and is my main lens. The lens has an orange filter on, as I wanted to make the sky a bit more dramatic. An orange filter is also good to lighten brickwork, making buildings stand out from the background.

This week, I have taken a number of photos using the Hipstamatic, most using it set with the John S Lens, and Kodot XGrizzled film, as the photo shown. I really like the rough edges, and this combination leads to contrasty images – hence the sharpness. I have used it for street photography. What I have found though is that the colour temperature can shift, and afternoon sun creates extremely warm photos – but hey this is a free app and I think a wonderful tool to get your creative juices working. Soon I will put up a web page of Hipstamtic photos.

As a professional photographer, in a month of Sundays, I cannot see my self using the Hipstamatic or any other photo app for professional portrait photography, PR photography or any other commissioned work, even news. But what’s the saying? “never say never”.