24 Hour bagel factory

24 Hour Bagel Bakery – Photo Story

The featured photograph is from a photo story that I shot for a newspaper about a 24 hour bagel bakery. Despite being up throughout the night, I recall this shoot to have been much fun and informative. One thing I learnt was; ‘authentic’ bagels are boiled before being baked. Amazing what you learn as a photojournalist, not to mention sampling the goods!

This photograph is one of my favourite from the shoot. I like the juxtaposition of the baking tray the baker is holding with the light above, and his expression of concentration as he was putting the tray in the rack, and the angle of his hand guiding the tray into place. I shot this story in the late 1990s and still today the bagels are baked and cooled the same way.

The photo story was shot using a Nikon FM2, and 35mm lens, using Kodax Tmax 400 asa film