Man Ray Portraits

Man Ray Portraits

An exhibition not to be missed from one of the worlds most influential photographers’

It’s a long time since I have visited an exhibition and felt as if I needed to take my time and really look at the photographs on display – not missing one (well nearly). The exhibit being The Man Ray Portraits Exhibition at The National Portrait. Superb craftsmanship and inspirational.

The exhibition is the first major museum retrospective of  Man Ray’s portraits, showing just what an influential and innovative portrait photographer he was. The show focuses on his career between 1916 and 1968, and shows a small selection of colour portraits taken in the early 50’s.  For me, this time is very much the weaker period of his work and creativity. Man Rays black and white portraits show what a craftsman he was, especially his solarised portraits – my favourite being the one of Lee Miller c.1929.

Without a doubt it is a compelling exhibition for modern day portrait photographers or not.

The exhibition is open until 27 May 2013.

The featured photograph was taken at the exhibition, using a Leica Monochrom, ISO 5000, s 1/60 F4. The camera was set at jpg fine, high contrast and high sharpen. Not a recommended way of setting a digital camera, but shows the capability of the camera.