Street Photography Tip

Street Photography Tip

Without a doubt we are heading towards much colder weather and snow, but don’t be put off by the cold and flat dreary looking days.

Here’s a tip that goes back to about the late 1930’s, when colour film was just taking hold. National Geographic Magazine, when giving documentary photography assignments to their professional photographers would instruct them to have the colour red in their photographs to use as a compositional element and focus point. This would draw the viewer’s gaze into the image as the colour red stands out, and the viewers eyes would stay in the photograph for longer.

Obviously this tip can be used during any time of the year, no matter if its bright sunshine, rain or fog. It also makes for a very good theme for a series of photographs.

Look at the featured photograph. Your eye immediately goes to the red umbrella, but just as the eyes are about the leave the photograph the hint of red of the traffic lights to the top right of the photo leads your gaze to the man leaning towards the edge of the image, which in turns stops you leaving the image.

One other tip for Street Photography during the winter months; have a spare camera battery or two. Batteries loose their charge much quicker in cold weather.

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Happy shooting