Portrait of Rabbi Lionel Blue

Portrait of Rabbi Lionel Blue

The featured photograph of Rabbi Lionel Blue is from a series on Rabbis that I did in 1995. This photograph is in the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery London. Often as a  portrait photographer you’ll arrive to do a shoot, only to be told that your subject is busy and can only spare a few moments, as was the case with this shoot. Rabbi Blue is a charming man, but was running late on a dead line to complete a manuscript, so he carried on with his work, whilst I set up, and even while I  took my shots. I shot off one roll of medium format film, all done and packed up within 20 minutes. And this included eating home made biscuits, and insisting that I didn’t want to help myself to coffee.

The portrait was taken using a Pentax 6×7 medium format camera, 105mm lens with extension tubes, and Kodax Tmax 100 ISO film. The extension tubes were needed to allow me to get close and fill the frame. The photograph appears as shot. A Metz 45 flash was used on a stand bounced into an umbrella.

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