Rachell McLish First Miss Olympia

Award winning editorial photograph

The featured photograph is of Rachel McLish, winner of the first Miss Olympia competition is 1980, she went on to win it again in 1982, and is considered to be the first professional female bodybuilder, or some would say the first woman of bodybuilding.

I took this photo near the start of my career as a freelance professional photographer in November 1984. The shoot results is one of my most successful and favourite. This image won a Press Award from the BIPP and appeared on the front cover of The Photographer magazine, and has been used many times in other magazines. Two other photos were also used on front covers, and other images from the shoot within articles.

The shoot took place on Santa Monica Beach, California at dusk, or during what photographers like to call the ‘Golden Hour’ (roughly an hour before sunset; depends on season). I used a Pentax 6×7 camera,with a 105mm lens, and  Fuji film. With the fading light, shortness of time, and Rachel getting goose pimples , I just shot 2 rolls of film – 20 shots in total.

I knew after this shoot that I wanted to continue as a location portrait photographer, and editorial photographer.

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