Remember: Holocaust Survivors

  • Charlotte Lang, born Modling near Vienna 1935. Many of her family perished during the Holocaust. With the foresight of her father, she and her parents came to England on 1938.
  • photo ©Rena Pearl, Zigi Shipper
  • Anka Bergman (95) Auschwitz survivor, and gave birth to a baby girl en route another concentration camp just days before liberation.
  • KL-HS-34
  • Ben Helfgott MBE, born Lodz Poland 1929. He survived two labour camps and three concntration camps. In 1956 and 1960 he captained the British Olympic Weightlifting teams.
  • Rev. Bernd Koschland, born Furth Germany January 1931, came to the UK on a Kindertransport in April 1939. Spent 12 years as a Minister at various Synagogues, until entering teaching. Today is the Jewish Chaplin at the Royal Free Hospital in London.
  • Bettine Le Beau (82) Born in Belgium. Hidden child in Nazi Occupied France. Gurs, French Concentration Camp. Holocaust Survivor
  • Anita Lasker-Wallfisch is a cellist. Music is her life, music most likely saved her life: she played in the women's orchestra in Auschwitz.
  • Barbara Stimler, born Poland February 1927, was in the Lodz Ghetto, and Auschwitz. On the death march she escaped by hiding under a stack of hay. She came to the Uk in August 1946
  • Charlotte Lang (2) with her maternal grand parents in Modling 1937. They were later killed in Treblinka
  • Clare Parker born Budapest, Hungary 1932.  Auschwitz and Mauthausen Camp survivor
  • Clare Parker  on a visit to Mauthausen Camp meets the American who liberated her.
  • R)-HS-4
  • Eva Clarke born 29 April 1945, a day after the gas chamber of Mauthausen ran out of gas, and days before liberation by Americans. This saved her life.
  • Eve Kanner Kugler born in Germany 1931. After Kristallnach her family fled to France, she and her sisters entered a home for Jewish Children. In 1941 they escaped to New York on a Kindertransport.
  • Evy Meyer, born Brussels.
  • Eve Oppenheimer (76) born 1936. She, her two siblings and parents were 'exchange' Jews and sent to Bergen Belsen. Eve was born in England and had spent the first three months of her life in London.
  • Freddie Knoller (91), Born in Vienna. Liberated 6 October 1945 from Bergen Belsen.
  • Gerald Leyens, born April 1926, Germany. In his home town of Erkelenz he witnessed Kristallmatch, the Synagogue burnt down, and the house his family were sharing was badly danmaged. Gerald came to England as one of the Kindertransport June 1939.
  • Genia Schwarzmann born Radom Poland 1934 was hidden with a non Jewish family in Warsaw. After the war went to Palatine on the first legal ship to arrive in Haifa. Genia has 4 children and 11 grandchildren.
  • Helen Aronson (85) born in Poland 1927. One of few Lodz Ghetto survivors.
  • Harry Bibring, born December 1925 in Vienna. He was part of the Kindertransport, arriving in London on 15 March 1939
  • Herman Hirschberger MBE. Born Germany July 1926, and came to the UK on a Kindertransport in March 1939. His parents died in Auschwitz.
  • Henri Obstfeld, born Amsterdam 1940. Aged 2 he went into hiding wth a non Jewish couple in Arnhem. He was liberated from Harskamp in 1945.
  • Ilse Eaton, born in Germany 1922. Arrived from Dusseldorf aged 17 in Britain as a refugee in January 1939.
  • John Dobai Holocaust Survivor - saved by Raoul Wallenberg
  • Jack Scott (88), German born. Spent time in an internment camps, and prisons, with false papers.  Parents killed in Auschwitz.
  • Joan Salter, Child Survivor. Born Brussels in 1940 to Polish parents.
  • Leon Ettinger, (86) born Vienna. Arrived in England on the Kindertransport in 1938.
  • Lilly Ebert (83), grew up in Bonyhad, Hungary. Auschwitz Survivor.
  • Marcel Ladenheim, born Paris June 1939. Marcel survived the war in France, being hidden after his father was sent to Auschwitz in 1941
  • Marie Obuchowski, born in Brussels. French concentration camp survivor.
  • Bob (Berek) Obuchowski, Lodz Ghetto and Auschwittz survivor.
  • Tatto of Bob (Berek) Obuchowski, Lodz Ghetto, & Auchwitz survivor.
  • Rose Coten (85) Bron near Warsaw, Poland. Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz, liberated whilst in Bergen Belsen.
  • Ron Leaton (83) Cracow Ghetto and Camp Survivor shows his war time ID.
  • Family photos of Ron Leaton (83) Cracow Ghetto and Auschwitz survivor.
  • Ron Leaton (83) Cracow Ghetto and Auschwitz survivor
  • Sabine Miller (89) Warsaw Ghetto Survivor
  • Toby Biber, born Mielec Poland 20-8-1925, Krakow Ghetto, Plaszow, Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen survivor
  • Toby Biber, Holocaust Survivor, holding an old family photo, and a photo of herself at the grave of her older sister who died 8 days after the liberation of Bergen Belsen
  • Victor Greenberg, Born August 1929 in Majdan, now in  Slovakia. His family were among the few to escape when the entire Jewish population of the town was massacred. He was a prisoner in Auschwitz, Matthausen and Gunkirchen, where is was liberated by the Americans.
  • Jurek Cynk, born in Poland 1925. Auschwitz  and Camp Survivor. Joined Polish army after war.
  • Jurek Cynk, born in Poland 1925. Auschwitz  and Camp Survivor, holding his war time prayer book
  • Jurek Cynk, born in Poland 1925. Auschwitz  and Camp Survivor, shows his diary of 1945.
  • Jurek Cynk, born in Poland 1925. Auschwitz  and Camp Survivor. Joined Polish army after war.
  • Gena Turgel MBE, born Cracow Poland 1923. A camp survivor, Gena was liberated from Bergen-Belsen by the British, among the liberatros was Norman
  • Ivor Perl born 1932, Hungary. Unlike 5 of his siblings and mother, Ivor survived Auschwitz. He came to England in 1945 and became a succesful dress manufactorer. He has 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.
  • Irka Reichman born Lwow Poland 6 April 1933. Known as a rat child Irka survived the Lwow and Warsaw ghetto. She has 3 children and 9 grandchildren.
  • Jack Kagan, born in Novogrodek, Belorussia. He escaped the ghetto and joined the Jewish partisans fighting the Nazis who had invaded his home town.
  • Black and white portrait by Portrait Photographer Rena Pearl
  • Freda Wineman, born in France 1923. Auschwitz and Terezin camp survivor.
  • Dr John Goldsmith, born Dusseldorf, Germany 1924. In 1933, he and his mother fled to Holland, then to the UK in '37. On his 16th birthday, he was interned and sent to Canada. John became a kidney consultant at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. He has 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

The work shown here is from a personal on going project: Remember: Holocaust Survivors. It is a series of close up portraits of people who survived the Nazi persecution of Hitler. I have done a few other projects on Holocaust Survivors, my main reason for starting this one earlier this year, is simple – those that survived the Holocaust are getting older and fewer – those that survived and those that were killed cannot just become an historical statistic – what happened to them must be remembered as a means of education against prejudice, and intolerance, so that we all as individuals and nations can be more understanding, accepting and tolerant of each others differences; be they religious, nationality, ethnic, gender, or sexuality.

In 2015 it will be 70 years since the end of the Holocaust, which ended with the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945.

Nine images from this series formed  a poster, and was accepted as part of Art Below Diamond Jubilee celebration for display at Bond Street underground station (Jubilee line, platform 3 northbound) for two weeks, during June.

The poster was also part of a group exhibition at The Underground Gallery, Charring Cross Station, London.

Project supported by Leica Store Mayfair