Event Photography

Event Photography

Coverage is often required at events like an awards ceremony or presentation, conference, dinner or Christmas party. The best photographs are reportage or documentary style as they do not intrude on the proceedings and allow the most natural photographs.

For your event, ensure that you are booking a professional photographer, someone who is a PR Photographer, or an Event Photographer. A working professional photographer, will have professional equipment, including flash, and what is more important will know how to use flash so as it appears natural, and the images are well exposed. A photographer that knows what they are doing and is confident will go with the flow, and generally will not be intrusive. Have a look at their work, speak with them, do you think you will get on with them? Did they listen to you? Did you like them? It’s all about relationships.

It is advisable that on booking a photographer, you are aware of their terms of business, and all fees that you may incur.

The featured photograph was taken at a NHS conference.

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